Return to the sanctuary of the heart and soul where contemplation, communication and communion abide. A place where women and men “return home to themselves” for reconnection, clarity and peace of mind, ready to navigate the “next steps” in their lives.


Going Deeper Together Meditations

Rhythms of the Soul Workshops           

Relationship Patterns & Agreements

 Soul to Soul Communication Techniques 




Presentations can be part of an organization’s program or personalized private sessions.

With over 30 years experience, Sydney Salt guides individuals, partners and groups in expressing their unique life path, understanding healthy boundaries and learning communication and meditation practices to live a full, purposeful life

Her experience as National Task Force Coordinator for the Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence, Facilitator for Meditation and Peace Rooms in the Workplace and  Manager for the Rancho Sante Fe and Solana Beach District for Girl Scouts of America gives her an unusual ability to facilitate programs for both individuals, small and large groups.


Contact Sydney Salt directly via phone or text  at 415.622.5815 in USA


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