The Way of the Feminine Path

This is mostly addressed to women although it also includes those men who have chosen the feminine path to understand and respect their whole being too.  I want to know who you are, who you truly are… as a person, particularly as a woman who has suffered hardships like me and hardships that I cannot even imagine or relate to. I want to see you, really see you as a woman of substance and character, who laughs and sings, plays and works, worries about the same things or different things than I do. I want to ask questions about things that occupy your mind. I want to know what is the source of your joy, what brings you sorrow, how do you see yourself in the context of others. Do you feel valued, respected, fulfilled or is there a sense of frustration of not being fully seen and heard. Does all this matter to you? What brings you into compassion and peace?

These are the the kind of questions I’ve been asking women here in the States. Women who were born here and women who like me, came from another country into another culture and religious background different from my own. I have been blessed in so many ways, especially because I have the luxury of being in enquiry, and each time I speak to women I hear their stories of courage and heartbreak and I see myself, recognizing the width and depth of a woman’s heart and her resilience beyond the physical realities she finds herself in.

Thirty years ago as I began to open myself to look deeply into the wounds that kept me afraid and isolated from loving and accepting others, I realized I hardly knew or understood myself. I questioned, if I could not find love in my heart for me, how could I extend love out to others? And so the healing began as I traced back where my original hurts were seeded and found the love for me that others could not give me at that time. It has been a very long and intense journey. I found rage at men, at my culture, anger and great sorrow for myself and others and what we were doing to each other and our earth. What kept me going was the belief that I was breaking down my own walls of isolation and self hatred so that I could move beyond comparing myself to others and finding myself either inferior or superior in some way. Could I meet and connect with another and simply hold them in my heart without judgment, criticism or comparison.

I came to see that it was fear that held me back. Fear that I was not safe to express myself both verbally or physically without some sort of repercussion that would hurt me. I didn’t feel seen for who I was because I cloaked myself behind a wall of invisibility to keep me safe. As I revealed my full feminine nature to me, I became curious about other women.. you. What were your experiences? What, if anything, held you back from being fully yourself, did you even question that? What was and is important to you and how does that express in your life today? How are we alike, how are we different? Can I truly listen and appreciate who you are? Probably most challenging, can I hold you in my heart even when I can’t find the common threads between our lives. I sometimes wonder if that is why we have pets and animals in our lives so that we can look beyond the words and differences into the feeling nature of appreciation and curiosity, experiencing the preciousness of connection and communion for its own sake.

So this is why I envisioned “Circles of Peace, Uniting in Heart to Heart Conversations Across the World.” I believe women know how to innately connect with each other and move beyond our predjuces. We are life givers and nurturers. And in today’s turbulent world, we are being called to step into the feminine spiritual essence of who we are, both men and women, and lead our family, our community and earth into peace and compassion.

I want to live in a peaceful world where a woman’s way of being is respected and valued. It is through our emotional, spiritual intellligence that we can connect and heal our world. It is both men and women’s vulnerable, sensitive and intuitive nature that knows how to nurture life and love each other. I want our children’s children to get along and see that when we hurt another, we hurt ourselves. Circles of Peace is an attempt to know each other – and especially respect a woman’s way of being and see where we may be of service to one another. We were born for this time, the world is waiting for us!

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