The Rebel’s Brilliance

With all that is going on in our world, the Rebel in me has been re-activated!  So I’ve been looking at the concept of authority; how do I respond to it with an awareness of my past conditioning yet a mindfulness toward my evolving, awakened consciousness.  I am aware of my hesitancy to make pubic statements of what I deem valuable and true.  What am I committed to?  Just how far am I willing to go with my ideals and put them into action?  

Last month I decided to return to a vegetarian dietary lifestyle.  The first time, 20 years ago,was prompted by ill-health and I was deeply committed to it for ten years.  This time I am motivated by something equally compelling and involves the ‘greater community’.  I’ve been asking what simple, personal act can I commit to that alleviates some of the suffering animals must endure at our unconscious hands. I felt the passion of the rebel rise in me, the one who does not want to support those corporations and industries who raise and kill animals in such inhumane conditions for my consumption.  This particular act on my part is not only compatible with my health needs but gives me a greater sense of purpose by aligning with the convictions of my heart.  Its a commitment I can make and sustain to make my world a kinder, gentler place to live.  It is a personal decision that affects the whole in a positive way – a way of enfolding the “I” into the “we”. 

These days I am not necessarily out to change the world. I have always known my path is about confronting and challenging my own thoughts, emotions and beliefs and being willing to risk being in my own authority, not necessarily challenging someone’s else’s.  Unless, of course, they were imposing their authority over me.  I have learnt to trust that when I am fully conscious of where responses originate, I can make a clear choice of action which ultimately serves others in ways I could not imagine or predict.

There is an aspect concerning authority that is up for review in me.  How do I respond to someone imposing their authority over me?  In the past, there was a knee-jerk response of pushing against whatever it was and feeling a certain helplessness that I could not thrive in an environment that did not allow me to be acknowledged as an equal and contributing partner.  This resulted in me turning away or toward a community or circumstance where I could be valued for what I brought to it.  I see this as the rebel’s greatest asset. To me, the rebel is an envision-er, a creator of something new arising from the old and with maturity, recognizes we are all fully responsible for our actions and decisions with no blame toward another, willing to risk unpopularity or be the target of others projections and interpretations and finally, to stand wholeheartedly in our convictions and not waiver.

I think the brilliance of the rebel comes forth when we are not afraid to imagine something not yet tried, to rise above and beyond our previous beliefs and behaviors and cut a path without the support of those we have depended upon for our survival in the past.  Can I risk losing that “family” who raised me and open to an unknown “family” that is in closer resonance with my ideals, values and passions?  Can I be in my full authority and be met with those in theirs?  The voice of reason is strong in me but I see it now as a killer of my dreams and imagination.  This voice wanted to keep me safe but also numb so I wouldn’t desire something that moves me beyond the familiar and risk losing what I have.  

Breaking the cultural mold has always been part of my nature whether I consciously wanted to or not.  I sense it is part of the inner guidance system of the rebel.  In past times, I/we, were considered the “lone wolf, the outcast” never quite belonging.  Today, I believe this is the leap in consciousness that the rebel is ready and prepared to make. To let go of old conditioning and the belief that we are alone and unsupported, not valued. We are gathering… our personal acts of consciousness are uniting us collectively in ways the old rebel could not have anticipated. Yet with each act, we are standing together strongly for what we believe in and doing it within a resonant field of like-consciousness.  What does the “new rebel” look like in your life today? 



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