• Effective Meditation Practices to release stress, find clarity, nourish the  body, heal the heart in a safe, respectful environment.  Experience a deeper connection to your peace and well-being.
  • Interpret Dreams, Symbols and Patterns that provide the keys to guiding your daily life to positive action.

SOUL TO SOUL  Personal Sessions

Placing emphasis on the soul’s path as a key to living an integrated and happy life.

Recognize and release relationship patterns inhibiting the evolution of your true nature.

Communicate soulfully to experience peace, clarity and reconnection with self and others.



Experience Sacred Communication ~ Meditation ~ Drumming ~ Ritual 

The intention for this gathering is to give an experience of intimacy in community where
participants access their own deeper desires for themselves and our world at this time.
Experience a deeper connection with your self
Receive more insight about your life path
Listen to the call of the heart
Plant seeds for something new
Co-create a loving, kinder world

 Your time is here, come join us!



Sydney is a gifted teacher, guide and facilitator.
Her heart-centered approach and wise spiritual council
creates a beautiful and intimate space for enrichment and sacred healing.

Kalli Holmes Sorensen,Visionary and Founder for Seaside Sisters Women’s Ministry


For group presentations or personal sessions 

Call or text  415.622.5815 in the United States


*CD Now Available*    ~  Moving into Light, Songs of Transition

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