Rising Women

In the intense healing years of shedding my beliefs and experiences around being woman in this lifetime, I became passive, sometimes numb to my deeper desires, feeling a victim to circumstances and impotent to change them.

I knew I was going through the death of a woman who felt victimized by church and culture and was very attached to her story.  Even as I was aware of this excruciatingly slow death, it was hard to sustain any passion for anything other than my healing process and my need to share it with others who were on a similar path.  Like many, my path was an alternative one and I did not succeed at living a life that I considered traditional – a life where I never felt I belonged anyway.   As I look back now, this seems quite a natural process.

In recent months, I have felt a significant change in the greater energy field.  There is movement after a long dormant period for many of us – not just movement, but forward movement. Pathways are opening now and I along with others seem to be taking steps toward something as yet un-named.  This week, I met with a new client – a beautiful young woman of Indian heritage .  She is gentle and sweet and had suffered greatly from the ignorance of her family and its cultural conditioning of not valuing a woman’s unique beauty, intelligence, intuitive knowing and magical ways.  It was an honor to be with her and assist in pulling her through the birth canal into this new paradigm where she is pure and free from the sacred wounds of her past.  I could tell she had worked very hard to confront the social and religious training of her youth which had kept her believing she somehow deserved to be treated so callously and harshly without regard to her well-being and sensitivities.

I recognized once again, that her traumas and dramatic circumstances were not unfamiliar to me as a woman and that in some ways, her experiences were not unique.  How many of us, male and female, have been confronting the harshness of a life not valued or accepted by others, becoming a victim to others’ unconsciousness, believing there was no end to it, just something to put up with in the best ways we can?  

The world is waking up or perhaps we are simply more aware of the information available to us so we can see more clearly that it is part of the human experience to have pain and become victim to other’s fear and shame . It  has happened over eons of time in every culture, both individually and collectively.  And perhaps now, because of these experiences and the unwillingness to hide them, we are coming to the recognition of our “oneness”.  Perhaps we are on the precipice of bringing forth a more gentle and kind way of living in our world with one another.  There comes a time for everyone, as there came a time for this young woman, when she realized she was ready to shed this outmoded body of victim beliefs she carried and was ready to be midwifed into a new womb of creation – a larger, more expanded place of being where she can contribute her uniqueness to the community of her choice.

So in sacred space, we allowed the “old” to dissolve by honoring those people who had taught her what was NOT love, who, in their ignorance to her sensitivities, harmed her psychically and physically but could not touch her soul essence.  It was here she could return again and again in her darkest hours.  It was here she remembered the truth of who she was with help of other women also on a quest for liberation.  And it was here she came full circle, and like the phoenix rising from the ashes, she can now embody and live in integrity with her own values, revealing her beauty and wisdom to those she discerns, are worthy to receive it.  Together we sang and offered a prayer of gratitude for the midwifery of her new life birthing into the next unknowable adventure. 

There are so many  times in my sessions and rituals with others, I feel awed  to witness the amazing gifts of vulnerability and courage of others.   And that’s what it takes to dissolve the old patterns and beliefs that hold us prisoner  to a mundane  and many times painful life passage.  In these moments of “enlighten-ment”, we are also preparing the ground for a new way of being in our world.  The time is ripe to change our world and our relationship with the earth and one another.  Using ritual is a sacred act of transformation to presence ourselves and formalize change.  Your newly awakened life is waiting for you -“not belonging” is the key to your greatness and leading a fulfilled and happy life.  This is your time to rise and I am here to assist in this integration and midwifery where the mystical and the practical meet!  In oneness… all ways, Sydney

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