Realm of Play

Sacred Creativity! These are the words whispered in my ear as I began this year. To my mind, this felt redundant. Of course, creativity is sacred, its source comes from the depth of our inner being and if we assume we carry the spark of The Creator within us, then we too are creators, always creating. I believe our awareness has expanded exponentially to the point that we can no longer ignore that our human conditioning – the egoic part of our nature – sometimes interferes with the purity of our creations and what has resulted is a world in disarray and chaos. And maybe that is its purpose. Many are now tuning into a deeper, higher, wider, aspect of our being and piecing together how we may have contributed to our personal circumstances as well as globally and explore what new creations we can invent to bring about positive change in the world. We are no longer able to simply think of our “small selves” but pause, reflect and perhaps question, if what we are creating is supporting the next phase of our development and the “greater whole”. For me personally, it is a time to recognize that I have always been in the exact place the world needs me to be. It reassures me too – most of the time.

As I look back on my part, it is uncomfortable to see how preoccupied I have been with my own welfare. I see an immaturity as I focused on my healing to recover all that I had lost or never received. I say this not with judgment or shame, but just the simple reality that I had a lot to recover before I could attune to the world outside the realm I have played in for so long. The strange thing is, I now see the world perfect in its imperfections – realms of consciousness for all to play in, to evolve or simply hold a particular construct in place. Perhaps that is the key, to know consciously what realm you are playing in. So here I am entering what seems like a new realm, realizing that my personal healing and integration is complete and that in that realm, I did contribute my time, energy and wisdom as I grew into maturity. In this new realm of play, I bring my wisdom and experience forward with me even though, at present, I’m not sure what the actual forms may look like. What I do know is that the heaviness of healing has lifted and that I feel free from that responsibility and can now simply share myself and role-model my wholeness which was there all along. I am left with a feeling of tentative anticipation when I tune into a bubble of excitement and realize its time to play joyfully, lovingly, awakened, doing those things that bring me a sense of fulfillment and a nagging suspicion I may actually be contributing to my world in a positive way without the struggle and suffering I felt caught in before.

So what realms of play are you drawn to play in? Politics, wealth, health, family, war, religion, are a few that come to mind. My realm has always been the realm of evolving consciousness, particularly as it pertains to relationship, becoming awareness of how my unconscious feelings, beliefs and actions affected the greater whole, awakening that which prevented me from being in compassion and transparency with myself and others.

For many years, I felt called to seek out a vocation that contributed to my “circle of influence”. I didn’t realize until recently how important it was to be free of past conditioning and the resultant beliefs that had me coming from my own woundedness of “not being safe” and where I was unconsciously trying to make my own world a better place. I can recognize the difference now and know that there is a greater resonant field cultivated by many of us where compassion, gentleness, kindness, joy, peace and service are the under-belly of many of our yearnings and to consciously reach this point in my own development is truly my greatest accomplishment to date. The funny thing is, the new realm is the same realm I’ve always played in, only different. This time I get to create consciously and perhaps that’s what makes it sacred creativity!

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