About My Partnership with Spirit

I have chosen an untraditional life.  I didn’t start out intending this but life circumstances had me bouncing between rebelling or conforming to the rules laid before me.  Most of the time I found myself rebelling.  And now I find a life neither rebelling against nor conforming to but instead allowing the essential me to step forward guided by my deeper  (soul’s) desires and I am finally able to recognize just how unique we all truly are as we strive for acceptance of Self.

Ultimately that has been the path for me.  Coming to terms with my “unusual-ness” and letting go of my desire to be accepted by others and whom I thought held my survival in their hands.  I find this to be the path of many creatives and innovators.  It is certainly what I encourage and cultivate in others – to love and accept those parts of ourselves that others find challenging and who echo our own inner voice of judgment.  So perhaps its not so surprising that I offer relationship counsel by providing a sacred space for others to embrace their individuality and continue to create a life unimpeded by traditional thoughts and values imposed on them by others. 

I must reveal though, that I fought my partnership with Spirit all the way and wasn’t keen to reveal it to just anybody.  To my mind, I was way too far out of the box in the first place and coming to peace with the simplicity of what I offer others has been “the fight of the century” within me.  You see I have conversations with those in spirit – always have, but kept it known to just a certain few for a long time.  It was these relationships with Spirit that sustained me through difficult times as I connected with ancestors to understand my relationships, past and present, and guided by spiritual teachers, archangels, who offered insight to reconcile my choices.

384666_405964126129582_802737992_nThis past year, it has become apparent to me that I am not serving others fully. I have not been revealing the power and blessing of these connections with loved ones who have passed on as well as those partnerships with enlightened teachers.  There have been too many circumstances where someone has truly been uplifted by these experiences with Spirit offering their love, guidance and support.  I have come to know in the depth of my own being, that those who are around us in Spirit are loving us, sending us encouragement and support whenever we need it the most and even if we don’t.  Just in the last few months, there was a man who wanted to be at peace with his experiences during a war he fought in and now has it.  Another who wanted to know if his wife was safe after taking her own life.  A woman who had missed her loving relationship with her mother for the past 20 years and didn’t know she was always a breath away sending her love and caring to her daughter. And then there was the woman who had been rejected by her own family for being gay and found solace through her ancestors reassuring her of her right to happiness and being true to herself.

For me, these experiences with spirit are real, everyday miracles of love and reconnection. But until these past few years, I didn’t believe fully in the depth of transformation possible in people’s lives. I was afraid of the disbelief and judgment others would direct toward me instead of staying present to the knowing that these experiences mattered greatly to both those in Spirit who want to help us and those who were ready to receive these moments of grace in their lives. I know better now and I finally feel at peace playing this role of facilitator between the worlds of spirit and matter.

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