Making It Real

My daughter always loved Halloween. It was a time to dress up, play in the dark side of her nature and eat the forbidden candy that I tried to buy off her after she went trick or treating. It was also a time for her to invite friends home to meet “mum” and explore a world unseen. At the time, I suppose I judged it as weird because I was a little embarrassed to let people know that I spoke to beings in the invisible realm but mostly it was because I didn’t want to be known as “the crazy lady down the street” which of course, I became known to be.

Years before, I had taken a para-psychology course at an Adult College with a dear friend. Here we learned about fairies, devas, automatic writing, channeling, psychometry, past life regressions, guides and teachers who walk beside us in the Spirit World. Most of the time, my friend and I laughed our way through the course taught by a psychologist who, we were convinced, was quite wacky. The weird thing was, things started to make sense for me and I eventually began to take things seriously and opened to a world I could not see but could definitely hear and feel.

The first time I found merit in my explorations was when my daughter was 18 months old. She would wake up in the middle of the night and no matter what I tried, I could not calm her and put her back to sleep. After a couple of weeks of this, I decided to consult my guide and teacher at that stage of my development, on what might be going on from his perspective. The answer came in steps. His suggestion was to wake up my husband and have him go and try soothing her. As you might guess, my husband who worked long hours, was not exactly thrilled with this suggestion and being raised a Catholic was somewhat dubious – no, downright disparaging about this whole course of my education. However, he agreed to try it for one night and obliged somewhat skeptically.

That night when our daughter once again woke crying, my husband sleepily dragged himself out of bed and went into her room, picked her out of the crib and carried her out of her bedroom. The crying ceased immediately. The next day, I returned to consult with my teacher in spirit to give me more information. He explained that young children are more open to their multi-dimensional selves and that in our daughter’s case, she was experiencing a flashback of a past life where she was interred in a concentration camp as a young girl of 9 and was re-experiencing the hunger, isolation and pain of being orphaned during the second World War. It was explained that in that life-time, my husband was one of the American soldiers who came to liberate the camp and he had carried the emaciated child out of the camp to receive medical attention.

Whether this actually happened, I will never really know but what I took away from this experience, is that my reality was quite limited and that having that information from another perspective gave me a solution I would not have immediately thought of and actually solved the mystery of my daughter’s crying once and for all. And so I became a believer that the world that I couldn’t see was actually supporting the world I could see.

From then on, I began my studies in earnest and delved into a world of magic and mystery. What I learned, I shared with others who were open to receiving it. And then there came a time when I shut it all down. It was time to develop my own wisdom and perspective and I began a healing journey that came from a deep well of memories, both from this life and going back through the ancestral line of my family and beyond into the collective consciousness. I was pressing into cellular memory of the human experience through the emotional-spiritual aspects of the Divine Feminine Herself.

These days I call on my friends and teachers in spirit to guide me when I need another perspective and I offer this to others who would like to deepen their relationship with the spirit world to perhaps find answers or resolve unfinished business in their present lives or with loved ones who have passed on.

As for being weird, it all feels very common place to me now. My daughter was the first to accept this part of my nature and still asks me to facilitate conversations with Spirit with her friends, especially around this time of year when the veils between spirit and matter are at their most transparent. Naming this as weird denies the rich texture and interconnectedness of life itself and this I can no longer do.

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