Love in the Spiral of Evolution

Think and live with the soul of a mystic, seeing the world as a field of grace in which you walk as a channel of light ~ Carolyn Myss


As I observe and interact with the world around me, I experience much kindness being demonstrated and I am deeply touched. I have come to know my own kindness slowly. It had to be a practice that I developed like a shriveled muscle atrophying without regular use.

The world I came from was harsh – unforgiving, judging, punishing, rejecting – and this was a condition which caused me to be very protective of myself in my interactions with others. Years of deep inner work had me peeling back these layers of protection until I could find that well of compassion and love for myself. You see unforgivingness, punishment, rejection, judgment from others eventually became my own form of protection. Its what I learnt from the culture, religion and family about life. It was based in fear of survival and kept me armored from being true to my more vulnerable nature where love resides.

I observed too, that as I returned to a state of compassion for myself – authentically accepting, approving, respecting, valuing, being kind and gentle – other treated me in a new way. What has kept me dedicated to this path was to see others walking a similar path beside me. I quickly came to realize that I was part of a collective wave of consciousness that was pouring into the dark crevices of humanity’s emotional and spiritual nature; bringing to light all that was held in the Earth and in our ancestry that caused struggle, suffering and sacrifice. I was becoming more aware these different expressions of being are dissolving in the light of who we truly are and that perhaps, the Soul’s mission is to shift and turn toward an unrelenting Love and lay down new experiences on our Earth plane to expand our species into Cosmic awareness. Or at the very least, co-create a lighter vibrational field for humanity to play out on Earth.

More than ever, we can tune into one world and be part of the stories and experiences that generate fear of survival and seem to act as a destructive force and, within a breath, we can tune into another world that shows up as acts of kindness and love toward all Life forms, bringing forth an expanded force. At this phase in our evolution, we are playing in both worlds – both doing its part in providing experiences to shift consciousness as a whole. I find it all rather fascinating, don’t you?

If you would like to make a shift in your experience of Love toward yourself or another, I am here to assist that process, I’m only a breath away. All love, in love, Sydney.

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