Evolution of our Personal Blue Print

Tools & Practices for Dissolving Fear and Embracing Happiness  


5 Week Course Starts January 2013

Mystics predicted this time calling it, The Great Turning. A time in earth’s history where there is an unprecedented evolutionary shift in human consciousness. You were born for exactly this time! Your personal experiences and challenges are contributing to this amazing transformational time and bringing us into a new global blueprint.


During this five week course we will…

  * Prepare the ground for more potent and profound love of self and others

 * Expand your practice of “deep listening” to gain clarity on your present circumstances

 * Interpret Spirit’s messages for healing and higher perspective

 * Deepen awareness of your soul’s desires and take action

 * Identify “sacred world wounds” to create new pathways

 * Explore relationship patterns for meaning and completion

 * Integrate “the Sacred” into our journey to move beyond the personal to the collective

This is our time to dissolve old stories of “not good enough… undeserving… I can’t …its not safe” and return to love as never before. Become more confidence with the Truth of who you are. Join us in a safe and respectful environment where you will be supported to be your radiant and powerful self and cause the change your heart desires!

Sydney Salt has taught the way of the feminine path for 30 years to both women and men, offering clarity on what is ready to dissolve, resolve and evolve through love. She has worked with Arun Gandhi as the National Task Force Coordinator for the Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence, as Mentor-Guide for Barbara Marx-Hubbard’s, Gateway to Conscious Evolution and is on the Board of Directors for The Institute for Global Healing. She is the author of Voices in the Dreamtime and WomanSong and is a certified Coach of the self development program “Calling in The One”.


Host this program in your home with your friends or ask for private sessions!




Sacred Singer 


Sydney Salt is a teacher, author

and facilitator who taps into

the spiritual and invisible realms 

to illuminate your life path. 


I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky ~ Rumi





Sydney holds a space where magic happens. The inner awareness and healing I received in her sessions truly changed me ~ C. K. Director,  NonProfit Organization  

I’d like to encourage anyone considering, to attend one of Sydney’s presentations. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of one of Sydney’s events as well as having a private session. They are very insightful, interesting and ultimately healing. This is a unique experience with a gifted oracle and spiritual counselor. A wonderful intuitive and heart-centered woman who will enrich your connection to Spirit  and yourself ~ S.W. Wellness Coach

Sydney opened my eyes to seeking my talents. She is so inspiring in bringing out the good in all people. I hope she keeps doing what she is doing as we have very few like her ~ H.P.  Hospice Cordinator

Sydney Salt is an amazingly gifted intuitive, relationship counselor and ritual facilitator. Sydney and I have worked together intensely for the past three years and she is one of the best facilitators I’ve ever met. I trust her implicitly!  Joe Monkman, Mindset Management Coach