It has been three weeks since I left San Diego and flew to a small colonial town in the heart of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende.  The first thing I noticed was the unconditional welcome of the people.  Many ex-pats live here and understand what it is like to uproot your existence and begin again in a foreign land.  Their willingness to help is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  So within three weeks, I had found an apartment, opened a bank account and am now familiarizing myself with the town itself.  Its a walking town with old cobblestone streets and sidewalks everywhere.   All the buildings are interconnected with large gates opening into hidden spaces revealing many beautiful oases with plants and fountains inside.  And color everywhere!  Every building painted in warm tones of terra-cotta and pumpkin.

My senses have been heightened here – the sights, the smells and the sounds are what I am most aware of – church bells ringing throughout the day and night, firecrackers going off in the middle of the night and the birds and crickets chirping constantly and yes, traffic noises. Mexican families fill the streets – the children so playful yet well-behaved!
Personally, I am having a difficult time at present.  Waves upon waves of grief are being expressed as I let go of all that I had and perhaps took for granted over the forty years I’ve been in the States and even farther back into a life lived in Australia. Perhaps it is simply my age but I feel I am being pulled into a vortex that I have little control over, where I have the time and space to reflect on my life and the choices I made that set my course for independence and freedom.  I can see this is what I valued most and in turn sacrificed family and friends to fully explore, understand, heal and express my whole being.  And America, particularly Southern California provided this for me.  So I see this reflection is a necessary process as I honor what was and open to what might be.
And I don’t honestly know what is to be.  I am learning not to seek an end result or goal but simply to see life as an unfoldment – no place to get to, only now, and being fully present to the experiences as they happen.  I don’t think I was fully able to do that before as there was a place within me that felt “driven” – feeling there was something to accomplish, that I needed to “prove” to others and to myself that I was of value and needed to contribute meaningfully.  To give up this identity is both a relief and confusing to that part of my nature.  And yet I feel that here, where I have landed in Mexico, is a womb of play where I will be able to do just that.
As I feel into the collective consciousness, I am aware that many of us are in various stages of upheaval and that although challenging, it is leading us out of a place of separation into interconnection.  It requires radical trust on our part to surrender and allow what is wanting to emerge through us and know it is for the greater good of all.  Let’s hold the vision together that what we are moving toward, is a world where each being is honored and respected, where kindness and generosity abound and where our mutual love for our fellow beings can thrive and expand!
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