Innate Nature

There are things we just know, isn’t that true? Where does this knowing come from? When we are born, there is an inner guidance system each of us has access to and yet, we begin to lose touch with this as we grow into our life here on earth. We turn instead to our outside world where our experiences are perhaps discounted, our feelings ignored, and we begin to distrust what we intuitively know and listen instead to those who are our care takers or those who intimidate us with their authority.

Part of the earth experience then becomes a return to our truer nature where we can again listen to the highest quality of communication available to us. Of course it is not that easy when we have endured many years of abusive self talk which speaks of “all that you are not”. But it is indeed part of your richest education to re-pattern your thinking and practice this art of deepening silence beyond the critical voices of judgement, shame, or guilt that are so prevalent in our current culture.

So how is this accomplished? By peeling back each layer of your emotions when you find yourself reacting to a person or circumstance to see what belief you are holding about yourself or another. In this way you begin to identify the origin of where this belief was seeded and cultivated and recognize that it may have been a distortion of a truth stimulated by the fears of others or perhaps your own fear of survival. It is from this place one can distinguish between the “immature being” and the “whole self”.

You see what we do as humans is compartmentalize our feelings when they are too intense for us to deal with, putting them away with their associated memories. Unfortunately unless they have a healthy channel to express, we begin to recreate a belief about ourselves or another, that isn’t necessarily true – that it is “wrong” to feel as we do or that “our world is not safe”. The problem is that when we put aside these feelings and are not able to express them, it accumulates and becomes a hardened “mass” within us which eventually turns into illness. Conversely, if it is expressed outwardly toward another, it shows up as an abuse to one who does not deserve this intensity of accumulated feelings.

In our world today we have alienated ourselves from our self. We have learned to turn away from the intensity of our emotions and feelings instead of leaning into them because we have not known how to channel them safely. And we have become a society of ill-health dominated by a lack of intimacy or kindness toward ourselves and others. We don’t trust our innate knowing because right from the start of life, our feeling nature has been tied to it and it is our feelings that have not always been affirmed by others.  Without this guidance system, we continue to distrust what we truly know.

My invitation to you is to provide yourself with a safe, affirming environment to express and witness the intensity of your feelings, taking them to the origin where your beliefs were planted and continue your journey forward being present to your multi-faceted, multi-dimensional Self.

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