Geometric Patterns of Consciousness

For as long as I remember I have always been drawn to the invisible: what makes us who we are, what is the purpose of our experiences, how do we know what we know and how does it connect to the whole?

The natural world fascinated me with its beauty and unpredictability but people puzzled me. The idea that there was a right and wrong way of thinking and that this learning came from books and not from witnessing each others’ behaviors and self examination of our own, seemed limiting to me. I think I was born to question assumptions held by the culture, my family and most definitely by formalized religious and the interpretations made by man. I did not resonate with most of it and instead had to feel into the truth of things as I spoke it which was usually quite a different perspective from the prevailing thought.

I fought against the notion that this was part of my soul’s design and compulsion, thinking instead I was flawed, wrong or even unintelligent because I didn’t understand what others seems to take as reality. I know now we are born with our own particular genius and that the path of the human is to embrace and live it out; that this is how we serve one another and evolve the consciousness of the collective and perhaps more significantly, we really can’t “not do it”; that it only creates intense discomfort when we don’t embrace our uniqueness. Paradoxically, it is through this act of self love that we come to accept others. For me there have been many acts of humility that figuratively and literally brought me to my knees, stripping my ego bare of any self illusions. I have come to the realization that these were acts of divine grace pushing me forward on the path of evolving collective spirit and my own soul nature, back to Source or a God that is really unknowable except in small human increments of enlightened experiences.

So I am aware as we enter this year of 2011 that many of us are experiencing a resonance based in a diversity of circumstances that express and culminate in the emotional/spiritual realm. It is this part of the invisible that fascinates me. I sense sacred geometric configuration of 3′s – a number of energetic triangles of learning – that dominate the collective unconscious. One significant geometric pattern over the past 10 years we seem to be working with is that of our identity around:

Victimization, moving to the realization that we are the co-creators of our experiences and are developing our abilities to shift our reality to a more refined frequency of creator.  We see this evidence in much of the new thought movement.

The Energy of Desire as we examine our old beliefs around human sexuality and its deeper purpose of aligning with the soul’s desires in the context of ‘the whole’.

Right/Wrong Thinking as we shift our awareness from a dualistic and polarizing perspective to the encompassing “oneness” expressed as many.

I believe these geometric patterns of consciousness are accelerating and I am delighted to share this “new world” that I have been born into and exploring with you.

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