Father’s Gift


“Inherit the light”, I hear him whisper.

I gave mine to you,  he said, with my self-imposed suffering.

It is done – finished!  You are free!

Be in your joy as we could not.


Thank you for freeing us through your forgiveness

For lifting us beyond the skies into limitless possibilities.

This is your time now!

Be unbounded by your past conditioning and attachments,

Dis-entangled from your identity and place in the world.

Begin anew!  Make a new sacred vow!


The light was always there.

Only dimmed by our fears – not yours!

Call it love, call it beauty, call it God.

Embrace it all!  Live it loudly, softly. Just live it!

All is purposeful, meaningful – no mistakes.

Inherit the light that was there all along!



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