Evolutionary Relationship

We were born for exactly this time in Earth’s history. The Great Shift, spoken about by mystics of times past, is here and the beginning of a new paradigm is emerging. What an exciting time! All systems as we have known them are collapsing while new ones are being envisioned and cultivated. Its no accident you and I were born at this time. There is a convergence where suffering meets innovation and collaboration, the critical mass point is reached and it is now!

For many years, I have been aware of what I call, Sacred World Wounds, being in a state of transformation within my own being as well as being played out on a global world stage. I observed three patterns of consciousness that we, individually and as a synergistic whole, are working our way through; Victimization, moving to the self realization that we are the co-creators of our experiences and are in the process of developing our abilities to move our reality to a more refined frequency of creator, the Energy of Desire, which is honing our awareness of our experiences and beliefs around sexuality and its deeper purpose of aligning with the soul’s desires in the context of ‘the whole’. And finally, Right/Wrong Thinking, consciously shifting awareness from a dualistic and polarizing perspective to an all-encompassing interconnected “one” expressed as many.

The operating system running our consciousness for thousands of years and now under-going radical transformation can be distilled down to fear around survival and is playing out in a diverse array of scenarios both personally and collectively around the world. One of the keys to the transformation and transcendence of this old paradigm is compassion, simply expressed as self love and acceptance. I believe it is the operating system in this new paradigm. And it is stimulated by every interaction we have in relationship to others, the natural world or what we have been taught of “God” and our relationship to “it”.  We are birthing an evolutionary human so that we can co-create a new world that comes from love and wisdom, not fear and shame.

What draws us to love, is what ultimately sustains us. For many in the Western world, there is an unnamed yearning that there is more to life than what we are presently experiencing, an evolutionary impulse toward being a fully expressed being, a desire and a longing to offer valuable contribution to another, our family, community, or the world. In a world that offers many choices, it is easy to be caught in the substitutions of alcohol, drugs, consumerism, etc. to give us that sense of fulfillment. And yet there is a general malaise, particularly in the United States where we have so much, that there might be something missing; perhaps authentic intimacy unexpressed, something more, that is lurking just outside ourselves to do. Often this emptiness is sought out in another to give us that sense of fulfillment while ignoring that the key lies within us; that all external stimuli ultimately presents us with opportunities to explore ourselves more deeply and thoroughly and to observe what is emerging in us and through us as evolutionary humans.

Relationships are a powerful place of transformation and healing. Not only does it stimulate where we may have compromised passion for our own calling and desires, but it opens up the hidden and unresolved wounds we have buried in our past. And it is from these experiences of emotional and physical discomfort and trauma, that we can begin the healing process of transformation, not only of ourselves but that which contributes to the whole planet. Healing does not occur from a linear, analytical, or logical aspect of our nature but through our most heartfelt, emotional feeling responses to those closest to us. It is here that we have an opportunity to return to a place of healing that has prevented us from being fully expressed and fulfilled as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings.

Understanding our own personal story in the context of the larger collective story of the evolving human, makes new sense of our experiences and how we may be transforming personal as well as cultural beliefs contributing to new belief systems in the collective consciousness. In diving into this arena of relationship, there is great significance in our experiences with our parents, and particularly with our mothers where seeds of consciousness were first embedded and passed down through the ancestral line specifically for us to resolve and dissolve. We are meant to break these ancestral patterns, cultural and religious conditioning and resulting beliefs about ourselves and others, particularly as they show up in relationship so that we can bring forth a new world view and experience. As long as there is a yearning calling us home to ourselves, these patterns laid down by our ancestors are demanding our attention for resolution for the greater good of all for we are indeed birthing a new evolutionary human.

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