Daughters of Courage

 If You Would Only But Listen! Poem By Sydney Salt


Dare to be outrageous

Not by doing things that hurt yourself in any way

But because it is what the world needs from you.

Be courageous in speaking out your truth, at injustice

Any injustice, particularly your own.


If you would only but listen,

I would tell you things your soul knows.

That you are wise beyond your years

That you draw from lifetime upon lifetime over eons of time

That your heart knows what is true!


So let me remind you of common sense things

That you hurt yourself when you put yourself down

Don’t judge yourself to be less than others

It eats away your self esteem

and corrodes the goodness that lies beneath,

corrupting the potential of that which is waiting to express as you.


I would tell you things about your body

That this is the container for your soul

To be mindful of all you ingest and all you invite into your body

As it is energy that can affect the healer and wise woman you are becoming.


I would ask you to be your own unique self,

To know that comparing yourself to another

builds inferiority or superiority, either which can

inhibit the community building attributes that women innately have.


I would remind you that you were born whole and holy

And that it is your life experiences that cause you to consider otherwise

That part of the journey is to come back to this recognition.

To know that you are here to contribute consciously

to a world that works for all

And that we can only do this when love of self is fully present.


I would beg you to do what makes you happy

For this is what the world most needs from you

And what will feed you when all else fades away.

Become skilled at becoming You, doing You with all your heart and soul.

For you are precious just as you are,

If you would only but listen!


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