Clearing Ancestral Patterns

This week marks my fifth week of being in San Miguel de Allende and each day I am moved into greater realization of why I am here at this time. No matter how much knowledge and wisdom we gain, I’ve noticed that it takes a physical “interruption” to actually initiate new pathways in our being and moving to Mexico is that for me.  Individually and collectively we are wired to create beliefs about ourselves, others and the world during our lifetime that I believe, we will ultimately transcend and that it takes a physical interruption to move us forward and up-level into the next stage of consciousness.  

My realization this week was to recognize that it was necessary to commit to a new life in Mexico and physically act upon it to realize this is not where my heart wants to be and to uncover a significant part of me, passed down through my ancestry, that believed I needed to punish myself and be in exile. Since I have been here, I have done immense grieving work around this ancestral family lineage that I apparently couldn’t do by staying in California.

For me, the vibration of every land holds its own magic yet the key is to find why I am led there so that I surrender into what is required of me AND align with what nourishes me best, believing it is my right to be happy despite the “suffering” in the world.  I am aware that Mexico is not only healing this ancestral wound around not deserving happiness in the face of others’ suffering, it is also providing a womb to uncover what my deeper desire and passion is at this juncture in my life.
I do know my old idea of “work” is NOT my priority, that living and practicing what I know in relationship with ALL, is!  The spirit of God is providing me with the quality of life I desire as I dissolve cellularly, the constrictions within my being that said I must “suffer, serve, struggle and sacrifice” – I just recently added serve to this old matrix of ancestral beliefs because it is my human idea of service that has kept me in financial lack as I placed it as a higher value than my own desires and needs.
And so the magic continues!  There is a part of me that wants to know what is next but it only takes me into my mind and pulls me away from my heart and living each day, feeling into the blessings that are here to experience.  And perhaps, if I really knew I wouldn’t want to go there and that might be something I would regret as I looked back on an “unloved, unlived life”.   


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