Breathing Peace

This morning a friend posted this beautiful photo on Facebook along with this quote. “Sawabona” is a common greeting among the tribes of northern Natal in South Africa and it means “I see you, I respect and acknowledge you for who you are”. In return people say “sikbona” which means “I am here, when you see me, you bring me into existence.”

As I move deeper into my own existence and reflect on my purpose for being on this planet, I keep returning to two words – compassion and peace. This is why I am here. To remove all obstacles within my being that prevent me from being in compassion and peace. It brings me joy to know this is one way I contribute to my home, my world, and as many wise women and men have said before me, it is ALL within. As I experience it, the “all” means that every expression of life, is within my being and ready for integration as my heart opens to receive it as part of me. Every feeling is there, every illness a potential, every person, plant and animal has its representation within my being. It is my responsibility to dissolve those walls that keep me feeling separate from this realization. For when I am unconscious of this, there is the potential to hurt either myself or the other.

The world at large does not accept vulnerability and instead wants to annihilate it, yet this is the way to peace. To share our vulnerable feelings and experiences with each other, deeply listening and witnessing without judgment, blame, shame or guilt opens the pathway of compassion where authentic co-creation can take hold. The key for me has always been to confront and take responsibility for the origins of my emotions and feelings without projecting onto others and come into a place of compassion for myself. As I see it, part of the western world’s “collective disease” disowns feelings, cuts off emotions and rationalizes that they don’t matter. Yet when we do this, we cut off part of ourselves, just like a physical limb and it creates a greater challenge for us to live and function healthily together, leading us to believe we are not connected to the “whole”. The expression and sharing of our vulnerable feeling nature closes the gap and makes authentic conversation possible.

I see this as a metaphor for all that is happening on our planet today. We are disowning parts of ourselves and it is causing great pain and suffering. One of the “operating systems” that is most prevalent at this time of great catharsis and resultant evolution is “hatred”. It is the evolutionary pull that is taking us collectively beyond an experience of hate into a clear choice of compassion and peace. In terms of a global consciousness wave, hatred reveals itself within every human being and is both turned in on ourselves causing illness and/or outward toward other beings. Whether this hatred is turned toward human or nature, it creates separation, denying us the truth of oneness, expressed all ways.

At the heart of it, is a collective belief played out over eons of time – “I am not safe, the world is not safe for me to live in”. We begin to separate the vulnerable part of ourselves and build walls of fear and suspicion toward people and cultures we don’t understand, or damage and consume from our natural environment without respect or context for how it all fits together. And so we “go to war” trying to anniliate that which is part of us and results in ill health, addictions, broken relationships; a world where our precious resources are raped and scourged, where people are starving, neglected and abused.

When I look at the news and see through that lens of the world, it seems like unmitigated chaos, yet I also feel every one of us is playing a role to support this shift of consciousness, to bring us into a new dawn of creation where we recognize the divine within us is pushing its way into a physical, palpable Presence of One.

Looking at those disowned part of ourselves as the culture dictated is what mystics have done since the beginning of time. It has always required a “return to the heart”, loving and accepting those aspects of our being that others may not condone or identify with, daring to see with new eyes to reveal what is the deeper truth. I believe it all comes back to feelings. It is the integration point that dissolves separation. Like 13th century mystics, Hafiz and Rumi, it was the experience of feeling love within the body and toward all life that brought them into a state of oneness. It takes great courage to be in our vulnerable, feeling nature and be unarmoured in a world that wants to war with us. But before rationality, before resolution, comes an open, compassionate heart. This is the meeting ground for change, and peace can only be the end result. To paraphrase Gandhi, it is up to us to “be the change” our soul has asked of us to be for the great good of all.

Moving forward with my soul’s calling to facilitate small “Circles of Peace, Uniting People in Heart to Heart Conversations Across the World”, I recognize that part of my motivation was to see and be witness to the goodness, kindness and generous spirit of others and to share this reality with you. To be more aware that no matter what part of the world we live in, we hold similar values and desires for ourselves, our family and our world and what truly connects us is our feelings.  The world media is not a representation of what most of us want.   I see that I have completed one of my assignments here on earth – to face my self hatred and my fears of safety with others and come into a deeper place of vulnerability and compassion. And so in the name of peace, I say “my heart is safe with you” and I surrender.

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