An Act of Surrender

Surrendering … please no more!

How much more must I dissolve that which is not love?

That which prevents me from being in life and not the observer.

Surrendering …

What door must I open to reveal myself to you?

To be received and feel the nakedness of my soul

reflected in your eyes and be in joyful communion.

Surrendering … is it possible?

Can I end this isolation of my spirit?

Will you let me rejoice in you?

Your beauty, your wisdom, the path you travel

And meet you with my own – no comparisons!

To feel that we are as one, one breath, one love.

Surrendering … I am not worthy!

To know you as me, brings deep and profound sorrow.

For you deserve to be seen and heard as so much more!

I am humbled.  I fear your seeming invisbility because I

I cannot expand more if you are not beside me;

I need your genius, your full authority, your magnificent you.

Surrendering … I allow … I bow!

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