About Sydney

Born and raised in Australia, Sydney Salt is the author of  Voices in the Dreamtime and Woman Song. She has produced a CD, Meditation for Evolving Humanity, recorded 2 of her original prayer songs A Circle of Women and Holy Woman on Singing for the Soul CD and recently released a new CD, Moving Into Light, Songs of Transition. Sydney was Editing Consultant and a participant in documentary film trilogy, Dreamtime; Creating Art and Ritual.


As a creative, she  facilitates healing circles and guided Sound and Silent Meditations as well as original workshops that encourage healing, self expression, including drum making, gourd art, rock reading, ancestral doll-making and creative writing.  Her personal joy is creating prayer songs and singing with her group of singer sisters who sing to Hospice patients as they transition into their next “adventure”.

As a presenter and teacher, Sydney has designed hundreds of original workshops, including Claiming our Unique Genius, Diving Deeply Into Love, Where Spirituality & Sexuality Meet, Essence of a Woman, Initiation into the Womb of Creation, to name a few.

She is one of 3,000 facilitators worldwide presenting Awakening the Dreamer, Changing The Dream Symposiums for The Pachamama Alliance, to bring awareness for what we can personally and collectively offer to support our planet and all beings at this time of great change.

As a meditation facilitator, Sydney brings her “Tools for Peace” to the workplace to provide Peace Rooms and a Meditation series specific to the participants and what supports their present circumstance.

She was National Task Force Coordinator for the Gandhi-King Season for NonViolence, media and educational campaign, working with Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

Sydney managed Rancho Santa Fe and Solana Beach School District’s Girl Scouts of America designing and overseeing programs of self development for 360 girls  and 65 leaders and co-leaders.

As a counselor and shamanic worker, Sydney guides people into their unique wisdom to redefine their relationship with themselves to bring deeper meaning, healing and purpose to their lives.   She is a Certified Relationship Coach with “Calling In The One”.

As an intuitive and oracle, Salt collaborates with wisdom teachers and ancestors in the invisible realms to assist in dis-entangling from old patterns, experiences and beliefs. Her private sessions and group presentations can include, identifying ancestral patterns, social and cultural beliefs that influence us from living more enlivened lives – sometimes connecting with loved ones for resolution, insight or clarity on a particular issue.

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