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For over 30 years, Sydney Salt has guided people into their unique wisdom to re-define their relationship with themselves and bring deeper meaning, healing and purpose to their lives.   

As a spiritual counselor, she is a Certified Relationship Coach for Calling In The One as well as a minister for Church of Religious Sciences.

Sydney is the author of 2 published books and has produced 2 CDs – her latest, Moving into Light, Songs of Transition. She was Editing Consultant and participant in documentary film trilogy, Dreamtime; Creating Art and Ritual.

One of 1800 facilitators worldwide, she presents Awakening the Dreamer, Changing The Dream Symposiums for The Pachamama Alliance to bring awareness for what we can personally offer to support our planet and all beings at this time of great change.

As National Task Force Coordinator for the Gandhi-King Season for NonViolence, she worked alongside Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi to provide and support programs and practices of nonviolence .

Manager of the Girl Scouts of America Rancho Santa Fe and Solana Beach School District, she designed and oversaw programs of self development for 360 girls  and 65 leaders and co-leaders.

A Meditation Facilitator, Sydney brings her “tools for peace” to the workplace providing a meditation series specific to the participants and what supports their present circumstance. As well as Sound and Silent Meditations, she facilitates original workshops encouraging healing and self expression.



Through Sydney’s many years of experience as speaker, presenter and minister, she has guided hundreds of people into a greater awareness of self acceptance and support through the many transitional times within our lives. I greatly appreciate and I would highly recommend having an experience with her to anyone who is going through a transitional time of their own. M. S. Hospice Sacred Singer

Sydney has been a powerful influence on my life. She helped me reach levels of self awareness I’ve never known before. She showed me how to listen, learn and not hide from my truth. Knowing Sydney has been one of the most liberating things that has ever happened to me.  L. W. Television Producer

Sydney is one of the greatest coaches on the planet today. I become clear on many issues affecting my personal, business and spiritual life. She holds a space of non-judgment where I can completely, comfortably express whatever is coming up at the time. For anyone who has not experienced her work, I highly recommend they experience for themselves what words will do no justice…the gift of her presence.   K. F., Business Manager, Anthony Robbins Company

I have worked with Sydney over the past couple of years.  I found that I always felt better after talking with her.  We always have a bit of laughter and fun during the session.  I tend to become a bit ungrounded at times.  She helps me to see things more clearly and puts me back on a more realistic track.  Thanks, Sydney for your non-orthodox method of counseling.  You are treasured.  T. W., Teacher

Sydney is a very careful and caring listener. This deep listening allows her to engage in a profound and remarkable way. This is what I found most striking about the contact I have had with her. Her responses seem to come from a place of depth and they are always thoughtful.  R. C., Documentary Film maker

For the many blessings that you have brought to my life I want to say …Living in the moment allows you to support those you work with honestly and compassionately. I felt very comfortable sharing my most intimate thoughts with you. My most memorable experience was when I was dealing with my self worth. You helped me to go back to my earliest memory of feeling unworthy and unloved. In that moment you assisted me with healing myself. The inner awareness and healing I received from you has truly changed me. So naturally you hold a space where magic can happen. You are inspiring and elevated. You help me to remember what a glorious being I am through your own magnificence and grace. I’ve continued to hear your soft voice in my mind when I’m feeling confused or lonely. I feel forever connected to you and find peace in knowing that you are on this earthly planet providing sanctuary and reprieve for others. Thank you for all that you are doing.  C. K., Director, Non-Profit Organization

Sydney helps me recognize beliefs and patterns in my life and she creates a safe space in which I can explore new choices for myself.   E. L., Therapist, San Diego

Working with Sydney is a magical experience.  I was fully in my pain, fear and depression and she brought me through to the other side.  I could actually feel the energy move through my body and my heart grow.  It is amazing!   A. B. San Diego

Sydney’s unorthodox approach towards spiritual growth is just what I have been looking for in my own personal journey. She is a kind and gentle soul that has the uncanny intuition to see right into the heart of the issue and is not afraid to tell you. Sydney has midwifed my newfound spiritual birth and guided me into the right direction. Thank you!
C. S. – Senior Design Engineer

Sydney’s gentle, caring insights are extremely rich and provocative.  If you crave spiritual growth and development, she is an outstanding conduit.  She’s helped me face issues head on, rather than trying to slide past them and hence, leave them unresolved.
A. B.  Life Coach

Sydney has an amazing ability to assist people with her clear and original thinking and be the voice of simplicity in a sometimes complicated world.
D. T., Energy Psychology Therapist

Sydney opened my eyes to seeking my talents. She is so inspiring in bringing out the good in all people. Keep doing what you’re doing as we have very few like you.H.P., Hospice Coordinator

Sydney Salt is an amazingly gifted intuitive, relationship counselor and facilitator. Sydney and I have worked together intensely for the past three years and she is one of the best facilitators I’ve ever met. I trust her implicitly!  J. M., Mindset Management Coach

Sydney is a gifted teacher, guide and facilitator. Her heart-centered approach, and wise spiritual council creates a beautiful and intimate space for enrichment and sacred healing.
K.H.S., Founder, Women’s Ministry

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