Beyond Self

“Who Are the Meek?  The meek are the egoless.  They are those who have awakened to their essential true nature as consciousness and recognize that essence in all others- all life-forms. They live in the surrendered state and so feel their oneness with the whole and the Source.”  

Hugging the world

Eckhart Tolle’s quote from his book, A New Earth resonates with me.  I have known my purpose in life has been to bring awareness of the emotional, feeling and spiritual nature of a woman’s consciousness through me as an evolutionary embodiment.  This has meant working with the psychological scars of shame, guilt, judgement and fear through physical acts of abuse, abandonment and betrayal.   For quite some time  I felt complete with this blueprint of my most intimate sacred relationship wounds – mother, father, brother, lover and child. Yet at the same time, I was aware I was processing “the collective family” through me – religious ideals, family and cultural expectations, beliefs and memes. It was and is a refinement process of all those nooks and cranny’s within my psyche that are somewhat generalized in all of us but are again, deeply personal.

I am aware what is dying in me is the intensity of my fear around losing my self to Self and not being able to “survive” in a harsh world without the small ego to protect me.  And  I am not the only one confronting fear!  Fear is in its death throes.  I see many of us facing personal challenges with illness, divorce, financial crisis, death.  We are being drawn deeper into our truer essence, revealing what is truly valuable to us both personally and as part of the greater family.  

With these experiences,we are changed forever and cannot go back to the old way of being.  Eventually we are moved into the collective part of the journey  from the “me” to the “we” so that we are best able to serve our planetary family. At this time, perhaps like me, your being is demanding you strengthen the Divine Feminine aspect of your nature, leaving behind the old defensiveness and false protectiveness, instead calling on your gentleness and nurturing as we walk forward into the next stage of our journey together.  

We are being pulled together, not apart, through our vulnerability!  The continuing, steadfast cultivation of our lightness of being is needed more than ever right now.  It is this love and light, beyond ego’s story of suffering, that is wanting to push through us to live a life embodied by our most valued ideals and open the door to innovation and creativity that truly serves all.

And so, as we surrender even deeper to our true selves and move into this next year, we continue “alone and together” on our own unique path.  I am holding you, loving you, gently, tenderly and with great caring, as we inspire and embolden each other with our collective goodness!

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