A New Dimension of Love

As I watch the leaves turn from green to multiple shades of yellows and reds and the white and gray clouds fill a brilliant blue sky here in Sonoma, I am taking a moment to reflect on what is being harvested and what is going into dormancy to be born again in the Spring. For those of us who have been on a path of conscious evolution, I think this year has been challenging in one way or another as we broke old patterns and allowed ourselves to release people and circumstances causing us to surrender into the unknowable with trust and hope one step at a time.

Sometimes it felt as though we were alone in our choices but more and more, we experienced we were energetically, soulfully connected and supported. And I smile with gratitude and “grititude” (my new word) that love is indeed pushing its way even more deeply into our lives. For me, the time has come to be aware of what Andrew Harvey calls my “sacred activism” and observe where, how or if I show up. I am finally ready to let go of my personal “love story of need” and turn my attention to how I can serve the planet whether its simply speaking out at the terrible injustices perpetrated on people, earth and oceans and all creatures or to simply create a womb for us to come together to conceive what is possible for us individually and collectively to break the cycle of destruction and continue constructing a new world vision. We shall see where I am led as I now know I am truly only in charge when I let go of my resistance and censorship of what wants to express through me. My new mantra – “expect change and embrace it”. I’m getting good at it too now that I have let go of all the material things that kept me captive to personal survival issues.

There is much to agitate me these days and I am often in a quandary about what is truly demanding my attention and is within my means to take action and accomplish. I left Mexico with a vision. To provide a “sanctuary” for us to collaborate and commune together for greater understanding of what we are here to co-create; to cultivate passion and compassion for ourselves to manifest it and bring forth personal and planetary peace by answering the call. I saw this place as a physical location but given my financial circumstances this doesn’t seem likely so I am willing to take one step at a time, accept invitations to facilitate one or more of my programs and see how it manifests. I trust our co-creative Spirit.

I do know this…. a new dimension of love is being asked of us! A calling beyond the personal that is deeply personal; that of accepting our role of co-creator of our world and allowing ourselves to manifest a magnificent new and different world. In the face of massive change, what is our part to play? What is seeking expression through and as us? These are the questions that many of us are asking. As evolutionary leaders we are at the fore-front of a cultural emancipation from the oppressive, fear-based consciousness that has outlived its effectiveness. I believe we are all being called as never before to embrace all of who we are and live more fully expressed lives that contribute positively to the whole. For women particularly we have moved beyond the archetypes of maid, mother, crone and have become an Evolutionary Woman. We stand on each other’s shoulders, our mothers’ and grandmothers’ and I believe we are being called to the next evolutionary stage of heart-centered human consciousness; to stand for and embrace a way of being that comes from deep within the feminine psyche, that of life giver, nurturer and community builder – a heart-centered person who is concerned for the good of all beings, not just a few. We are the peacemakers. This doesn’t mean to remain silent. It is in fact, time to communicate – to speak out and stand for whatever is wanting to be spoken and envisioned by us individually and collectively. It is a time to draw from our courageous and compassionate hearts and work together and to truly know there is no “other”, only “us”.



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