2012 A Year of Joy and Collaboration

I’m at what seems to be another crossroad in my life. And maybe that’s not entirely true. The older I get the more I have perspective on the past choices I have made in my life and realize that at a certain point in time, I feel compelled to take a particular path even though my logical and somewhat rational mind would prefer me to take the other “safer path”. The crossroad was merely a pausing point, a place to breathe deeply, reflect and let go of expectations, old beliefs before fully embracing what is revealing itself to me.

When I am in process with this leap from one state of being to another, it takes incredible patience as I wait for that moment to reveal itself – when it has finally settled into my bones and the choice is almost made for me. My part is to consciously let go and align with the path that is truly, consistently calling me.  I reached that moment today. And I am both excited and terrified to take this final step where I place all my faith and trust in the unknown and continue forward, listening and opening to the impulses that tug on my consciousness.  And I wonder if you too, have reached a new place where there is cause for resistance yet an even greater call to commit to the path you have already seeded, cultivated but has to still come into its fullness and form. I sense I am not alone and that no matter the difference in our  paths, we are together in our commitment to leap forward and create consciously  “new life” in whatever way we each feel called and leave behind all that is old, comfortable and familiar.

This year 2012, begins a year of expansion and collaboration for me. I am launching my vision for “Circles of Peace” which has been incubating for most of 2011. My deeper understanding is that I have been in apprenticeship to this vision most of my life, but most particularly since I left my marriage 21 years ago. It has prepared me for exactly this time to accept the invitations I am receiving from Mexico, India, Canada, China and what I soon hope to be from Turkey. The magic has begun as I align more deeply, more profoundly with the joy I experience speaking with women and men who know consciously we are here to move mountains of “old thinking” that we are separate, alone and must suffer and struggle to survive, and instead thrive prosperously together, uniting our hearts as One.

As I reflect back, I can see the path was always about peace. First to find peace within me through all the dramatic and traumatic experiences; learn to love, respect and value all these experience, find meaning in the journey itself and arrive at a place of compassion, respect and value for others. My vocation was to practice facilitating circle to create an environment of trust and respect, where we could deepen our love and connection to one another by honoring our own path and listening to another’s path, without fear, judgment, ridicule or comparison. To be clear – to be the heart of compassion for ourselves and others.

Out of this came the simple realization that if I could confront and transcend my own fears, jealousies judgments and comparisons by examining the hurts suffered at the hands of others; if I dissolve and resolve their place of origin within me, then it was possible that others are doing this too. And that it is just possible at the heart of it all, we are all seeking and yearning for a kinder way of being with each other and the world. That despite what we see in the media and television, it is not what is going on in the hearts of every day people like you and me.

At the end of last year, I began interviewing ten women who had particiated in my groups or were personal friends and clients. I wanted to hear where they were in their lives. I asked ten questions that seemed universal in nature – for example “what do you value most in life”, “what takes you to compassion or sorrow”. “what is the source of your joy, your peace”. And I found remarkable similarities as I asked about their vision for themselves, their family and the world. The idea began to take hold that it would be meaningful to hear what women and men in other parts of the world were thinking and feeling. How could we connect and assist each other in bringing into alignment our hearts and minds? Can we join with others, embracing our differences and lead the way to peace and prosperity for all. I believe more of us need to know we are not alone in our deeper desires; that the world media promotes a small segment of the world and seems to focus on the fears and aggression against others rather than showcase the beauty, compassion and spirit that is alive in each person who is cultivating life and not destroying it. I see now the simplicity of “Circles of Peace” and how it can serve the world.

Today, I can feel a well of unmet ego-based desires dissolve into the spaciousness of what my soul is now here and ready to experience. There was no crossroad but a quiet pause to fully honour the ego’s journey in this lifetime, enfolding it into the Soul’s desire at this time.  I am grateful and pleased  you walk beside me, witnessing and participating as you feel called to do.

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